Frequently Asked Questions

“Will someone help me get dressed in the morning?”
Yes. Prior to admission you will have been assessed at the home by our Manager or Senior member of staff. We will know from the day you arrive how we can best assist you and where your needs lie.

“Can I have my meals in my room?”
Yes. You can choose on a daily basis whether or not you would prefer to eat your meals in your room.

“How can I get someone’s attention if I need them?”
Each home operates an Emergency Nurse Call System. You will be shown how to use the system upon your admission to the home.

“I can’t get in a bath, how will I manage?”
We provide “assisted baths” which are designed to help you in and out of the bath at the utmost of ease and comfort. Staff are available to assist you on request. Alternatively we have showers.

“If I have a hospital appointment how will I get there?”
We encourage families to go with you to Hospital however; we do provide escort duty where we can. This service is charged at the carer’s hourly rate.

“Can I go out if I want?”
You are an individual living in your own home. You are free to come and go as you please. We actively encourage residents to continue their social life outside the home.

“What are the visiting times for friends & family?”
We do not have visiting hours. We operate an open door policy that welcomes visitors at anytime.
"Is there on-site parking?"
Yes, all our homes have plenty of free parking available for visitors.

"Are the homes wheelchair friendly?"
Yes, many of our rooms are on the ground floor level and rooms on other floors are accessible by passenger lifts or stair lifts. Many of our homes have wide corridors and all areas of the homes, including the gardens are accessible for everyone.

"How do you monitor standards and maintain the level of care that you are providing?"
We carry out regular quality assurance audits to ensure that standards are maintained and improved where necessary. As well as the mandatory local authority inspections we also employ an independent Health & Safety company to ensure our homes are kept up-to-date and that all regulations are adhered to. All of our homes hold a residents’ meeting every three months and residents, as well as their families, are actively encouraged to attend.