26th August 2022

Party on the Patio

The residents were blessed with beautiful weather for their annual summer BBQ. Patrick the pony arrived from Cockington to the delight of the residents and their families and there was lots of laughter and singing to Patrick (not the pony) the music man!!

26th August 2022

Party on the Patio

26th August 2022

Party on the Patio

Patrick the Pony

26th August 2022

Party on the Patio

22nd August 2022

Party on the Patio

20th October 2020

Visiting Pods

We are pleased to say that our Visiting Pods are ready in all of our homes.

5th May 2020

All dressed for work

9th April 2020

Rainbow Painting @ Roundham Court

A nice big rainbow to put in the window display to thank our Heros

31st March 2020

Skype Call

Thank goodness for technology in these scary times.

29th January 2019

Cake Competition winner and runner up

1st Place Bascombe Court 2nd Place Quay Court

25th December 2018

Merry Christmas

From all of us at the Devon Care Group we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2nd December 2018

Raffle table @ Puddavine

Come and get your tickets !! Lots of prizes to be won and if you are lucky a cuddle with the homes cat Smudge

25th November 2018

Christmas Cake Competition

Devon Care Groups First Christmas Cake Competition

25th August 2018

Fete @ Kahala

Lovely sunny afternoon at Kahala Courts Fete!! We even had an Ice Cream van visit

18th May 2018

Kahala Court Royal Wedding Celeberation

13th April 2018

Kahala Court Gardening Activity

Kahala Court had an afternoon in the sun potting herbs, so that we can use them they can use them in the foods that are cooked.

1st March 2018

Snow Day @ Roundham Court

Today our first snow fall in the morning and Kitty was so excited she wanted to experience it, so Chantelle my senior took her in the wheelchair wrapped up, and she really loved it.

8th November 2017

Birthday Fun and Yoga @ Puddavine Court

When Jasmin (staff member) goes to work telling everyone that she has gone to Yoga and that she cant touch her toes, to only find that Barbara can and is celebrating her eighty second Birthday. Happy Birthday Barbara!!

1st November 2017

Hallowen Party @ Puddavine Court

Full house at Puddavine today

31st October 2017

Halloween Party @ Roundham Court

25th October 2017

Halloween Arts and Crafts @ Puddavine Court

Feeling spooky and crafty at Puddavine Court today

14th August 2017

Musical Therapy at Puddavine Court

Music Therapy is held once a week in all of our Homes.

13th July 2017

Celebrating a 109th Birthday @ Roundham Court

Devon's oldest resident has celebrated her birthday today with a dance

29th June 2017

Gardening in the sunshine @' Puddavine Court

Fun in the sun for these residents and staff.

24th April 2017

Birthday Party @ Roundham Court

We love to celebrate birthdays!! Any excuse for cake

26th March 2017

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all our wonderful Mums and Grandmothers from us all at the Devon Care Group. Cakes in the picture was for our Mums and Grandmothers at Puddavine Court

9th March 2017

Puddavine Stores

Puddavine Stores has been re stocked today.